Due to a fire that destroyed our shop, we will be suspending any orders while we get a handle on the situation. We will follow up with anyone who has an existing order letting them know what we can fulfill and cannot. Sorry to all of those that had a Christmas wish that we will be unable to fulfill this holiday season.

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  • Fun Comp @ Ultimate Ninjas Libertyville - Sat. April 13th, 2024
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From an Interest to a Passion

The story of Silent Kninja (the K is silent) begins with our youngest daughter, Katelin,  begging to move from gymnastics to Ninja Warrior training.   We quickly learned she would rather we all be silent when she is on the ninja obstacles rather than cheering her on. Two years later a name was finally chosen and a business created.  Welcome to Silent Kninja.

Excellent quality at the best price in the market.

A good mix of design and styles with a lot of new items added on a regular basis

I love that I can pick colors and combinations that I love!