Due to a fire that destroyed our shop, we will be suspending any orders while we get a handle on the situation. We will follow up with anyone who has an existing order letting them know what we can fulfill and cannot. Sorry to all of those that had a Christmas wish that we will be unable to fulfill this holiday season.

Mods - 3.5" Pill Hopper - COMING SOON
Mods - 3.5" Pill Hopper - COMING SOON

Mods - 3.5" Pill Hopper - COMING SOON

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The 3.5" Pill Hopper Mod is designed to be used on the Silent Kninja Devil Step Mod, or with any 1.9" bearing.  This Pill Hopper Mod is a simple yet challenging obstacle as it spins freely and required perfect timing with each grab going up or down.   When used with our Devil Step Mod or the DGS Spine, you can insert a hitch pin to make the obstacle static, no spinning.   

The 3.5" Pill Hopper is one of our Devil Step Mod Obstacles.    Currently, we have 3 options to start off your upgrade. 

What is included:

1 - 3.5" by 18" Pill Hopper with mounting pipe


Obstacles from Silent Kninja (purchased Separately):

3.5" Pill Hopper - Available
Book Hopper with embedded t-nuts, 1.5" cliffhangers, and a limit cut-out - Available
8" Cannonball - Available
V-Chuck - Coming Soon
Mod Box - Coming Soon
Bullet - Coming Soon


Looking for something really similar or have an idea?  Give us a shout and we can help make those modifications a reality for you.

This Obstacle is not available for any discounts.