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Mod Boards - Trussing
Mod Boards - Trussing
Mod Boards - Trussing
Mod Boards - Trussing

Mod Boards - Trussing

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The Truss Mods are a versatile way to upgrade your aluminum trussing to enable the full face of the trussing to be used with obstacles.   Each Truss Mod comes in 4' Lengths (longer custom lengths available with inquiry) and are embedded with multiple rows of t-nuts with 4" spacings giving you the option to add just about any obstacle you want.  Cliffhangers, Vertical limits, Monkey Bars, Door Knobs, climbing holds...  These boards come in 12" and 22" widths and can be mounted in multiple ways.

  • Mount the Mod Boards horizontally to the face of your trussing lengths using 4 truss clamps and spacers.  The spacers allow pipes to still be mounted across the top of the trussing even with the mod board in place.
  • Mount the Mod Boards vertically to the trussing posts using 4 trussing clamps
  • Hang the Mod Boards off straps using bolt hangers.  By the corners, in the middle

Continue to maximize your training!

What is included:

Mod Board
Mod Board Truss Spacers 


Optional Hardware (Purchased Separately):

Single Truss Clamps
Bolt Hangers


Obstacles from Silent Kninja (Purchased Separately):

Cliff Hangers 
Door Knobs
Climbing Holds (Jugged, Round, slopers)


Looking for something really similar or have an idea?  Give us a shout and we can help make those modifications a reality for you.

This obstacle is not available for any discounts.